Jay Riemersma is Raising the Bar in the 2nd District Congressional Race

June 2, 2010

With just 62 days left before the August 3rd Michigan Primary elections, the 2nd District Congressional race is heating up.

Jay Riemersma is making an impressive showing, and recent polling indicates Riemersma is leading in most of the district’s 11 counties.

Jay aired the first television ad of the race a few weeks ago. The ad was well produced, catchy, and smart. In the ad, Jay reiterates his strong commitment to Conservative values, highlighting  his pro-life and pro-guns stance. You can see the video below:

Jay has also launched his “10,000 Doors in 2010” campaign. Riemersma plans to go door to door over the coming weeks, and spread his message to the people of the 2nd District. To date, Riemersma and his many volunteers have knocked on over 3,000 doors. Jay is averaging about 250 doors per day, and more on his “Super Saturdays.”

Jay Riemersma for Congress 2010

You can follow Jay's progress at http://www.votejr.com

I haven’t seen any other candidate in this race work so hard. If this kind of work ethic is indicative of how Jay will perform in Washington, then West Michigan will be well represented. It’s this kind of nose-to-the-grindstone spirit we need in Washington.

Riemersma’s success isn’t going unnoticed, either. Bill Huizenga is certainly feeling the pressure Jay has brought to the race, and the Huizenga Campaign’s low fundraising totals would seem to indicate that the Michigan legislator is losing ground to the former NFL football player. Other candidates, including Bill Cooper of Muskegon, have claimed that Jay’s career as a professional athlete does not qualify him to represent West Michigan in Congress.

Isn’t it odd, though, that they always fail to mention that Riemersma is a graduate of the University of Michigan? Last time I checked, that Big Ten school didn’t award degrees in football. Jay holds a BA in Communications from U of M, and communicating with the people of West Michigan is something he seems to be doing quite well.

And at the end of the day, that’s what a Congressman really needs to be. A communicator. It doesn’t do much good to have the greatest idea in the world if you can’t communicate that idea, make others understand it, and rally support behind the idea. Bill Cooper may be great at creating jobs, but can he convince other Congressmen to join up with him, garner support, and push that idea into law? Maybe, maybe not.

Jay Riemersma can. Jay has proven over the last several months that he is willing to do the hard work required to win. He’s proven throughout his professional career that he has the guts, discipline, and intestinal fortitude to see that the job gets done.

As a Marine, I know a bit about discipline, hard work, and perseverance. I see these qualities in Jay Riemersma, and that’s why I want him as our next Congressman, representing West Michigan in Washington.


4 Responses to “Jay Riemersma is Raising the Bar in the 2nd District Congressional Race”

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  3. Truth? Now that’s a bit subjective, isn’t it Beth?

    I have no desire to say anything negative about Bill’s work with the Food Giveaway. I’ve been one of the volunteers that have helped him, my family on more than one occasion. It’s a good thing he’s done. Bill has worked hard on that, and I commend him for it.

    I’m saying Jay has hit the campaign trail like a man on fire. He has blown away his 10,000 Doors in 2010, and is still pushing for the win. I’m comfortable saying that Jay has spent more time pounding the pavement and getting face-to-face with the people of West Michigan than any other candidate in this race. That’s truth.

    I will call you out on some non-truth of your own, though: How can you say Jay “Lives in a castle pretending to have family values?”

    I’ve been to Jay’s home. It’s nice, but by no means a castle. I’ve seen nicer homes in West Michigan. As for family values, have you met Cara and the kids? If you have, then you know your statement is bogus. If you haven’t, you still know your statement is ridiculous, but are willing to make it anyway.

    Jay is doing something. He’s out talking to the people, learning what THEY care about, and earning their respect and trust.

    The proof is in the results. Over 10,000 doors visited, and according to GR Press Poll Results, leading the race by a wide margin.

  4. beth smith Says:

    I’ve seen another candidate work harder. Bill Cooper has given away nearly 500,000 pounds of food in the last several months- he’s DOING something- not living in a castle pretending to have family values. Nothing wrong with endorsing a candidate, but tell the truth.

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