So, having fallen off the blog wagon for a while, I was surprised to get an email from my friend Chris Marlink inviting me to be a guest blogger and tweeter for the ProLifeCon this morning. What a great way to get me off my blogging duff and back into the world of social media! So, here I am with a quick, impromptu post to spread the word of today’s events. As the 2012 Election race heats up, my goal is to revive this blog, and get back into the political loop.

In the way of an update, I have moved from West Michigan to the greater Washington, DC area. I’m closer to the zoo than ever, but I am also bombarded with more obligations than ever. My current military career position precludes me from directly engaging in politics, but I can certainly share my two-cents, and encourages others to get involved. And, of course, I can still VOTE! As a reminder, the views in this blog are my own, and do not reflect that of any of the agencies I work with or for (please see my profile disclaimer).

Tweeters, blogger, and other internet activists gathered in DC today at the FRC headquarters to spread the pro-life message. I was honored to be invited to be a featured Tweeter, and found myself encouraged to reengage in the prolife movement. If you caught my Twitter feed this morning, then you probably already know about some of the great speakers we heard.

Thanks to some really crappy weather, I wasn’t able to make it to the event in person, but I followed along with the live stream at The gang at FRC will be posting the stream later for those that missed it, or just want to see it again. Speakers included country singer Collin Raye, Representatives from the US Congress, and members of the FRC staff. Be sure to check it out, and share any links about the prolife fight here on my blog.

Great achievements have been made in the fight to preserve and respect life, but there is so much more to be done. The next step I see is electing a Senate that will pass the prolife bills that the House is already passing. This should be something we’re all thinking about come this November. In the meantime, find out where your current Senator stands on prolife issues, and let them know your thoughts!


Have you made a Google Profile page yet? If not, stop what you’re doing, and go do it now.


When pushing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is common wisdom that you want to please Google. What better way to please them than by using their products?

What’s more, if you fill in your profile information completely, you can be eligible for featured status, and will get first page Google results. I have been working hard to bump my Google search results for the last month or so. Once I completed my profile last night, I was instantly front page.

Google has added their own profile spot to the bottom of the first page, and whoever has the most information updated on the profile gets that spot. Once I completed my profile last night, I was instantly front page.

The profile also makes it easy to link to all your other sites as well.

Greater visibility on Google means my sellers’ listings are seen by more buyers, and are more likely to sell!



I have been on a mission to learn everything I can about Social Media (SM) and to create a powerful web presence. When done correctly, SM will drive traffic to my website, and generate new business. I am using it to build a giant network of fellow professionals from a myriad of industries. I am learning about the latest, cutting edge technology and applications. But it can do so much more! Have you ever used SM in a face to face engagement? I did it today, with great results.

Today I had a listing presentation with a gentleman who owns a vacation home on the White River, a highly sought after location.

I found his listing on, and sent him a mailer requesting an appointment. In that mailer I congratulated him for realizing that the internet was the number one place to look for potential buyers. I added that while he was on the right track, he was only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I finished with leaving my number, and instructing him to call me to learn more.

He called me as soon as he received it. He said that he had listed the property about a year ago, but hadn’t had any success with it. I met with him this morning, and asked him if he knew what Social Media was. He didn’t, so I explained it using an apt summary I read on-line:

“Imagine a cocktail party, where you are having a conversation with your friends and colleagues. Now imagine that party without walls, on a global scale, with millions of people. Even better, every one of those people can hear what you’re saying, and can hear it over and over again. That’s Social Media.”

Old school real estate marketing consisted of putting an ad in the paper, handing out some flyers, and networking among people you know. A lot of those principles still apply, but the medium has changed. The paper is now the world wide web, with an exponentially larger circulation than the hometown paper. My flyer is likely a 140 word tweet, and my network consists of thousands of people from around the world.

He was visibly excited. My customer is a retired college professor, so he’s  no dummy. He instantly saw the potential. I had prepared a couple of flyers displaying all the various media I use, with the logos, in color. It took two pages to list them all. Facebook, LinkedIn, Active Rain, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, and so on. I went through it with him one by one.

Then I hit him with a power statement:

“I have established and maintain over 30 different web resources dedicated to one thing: Selling your home.”

My customer was impressed with my knowledge of the most current trends, and I was able to effectively demonstrate how my knowledge would benefit him in selling his home. I set myself apart from my competition because I have embraced Social Media, and the potential that it offers. My customer was able to see that I have invested my time and resources into building my business. Why wouldn’t you want someone that dedicated working for you?

Yet again, Social Media helped me to grow my business, and to better serve my customers.