Take This Healthcare Bill & Shove It

March 15, 2010

It is beginning to look more and more like a federal healthcare bill is going to be rammed down the throats of the American people. Despite numerous polls indicating that the American people do not want the current healthcare bill being offered, key Democrats in Washington are turning a deaf ear to the people and attempting to ram the bill through anyway.

President Obama has painted himself into a corner with this bill, having spent the last year trying to get it approved. Healthcare has now become known as a “Signature Item” for the POTUS. Many pundits have gone so far as to say that if he doesn’t get this bill passed he will be dubbed as a failure, and have no political relevance for the rest of his term. It’s almost if they are daring him to do it.

Mr. President, the people are going to respect you a lot more if you can acknowledge that the current bill is flawed, and work to get it right. Trying to strong-arm a bill through that is flawed, imperfect, and full of special interest pay-offs is wrong on so many levels. While I can appreciate a certain “dig-in-your-heels-and-finish-what-you-start” spirit, there comes a time when you have to admit that you have misread the will of the people, and you need to realign yourself with it.

Everyone knows this bill stinks. When Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly states that the American people can know what’s in the bill AFTER it passes, everyone’s internal BS detector should be going off and sounding a red alert. What are Pelosi and Reid trying to hide? Why this mad push to shove something, ANYTHING through before the upcoming recess???

The answer is obvious: they know they are doing something wrong. We know they are doing something wrong. If you were buying an insurance plan, or a car, or a home, and the agent selling the product said to you, “Sign this, sign it now, and don’t read the fine print!” what would you say? You’d run away as fast as you possibly could. If she had nothing to hide, why wouldn’t she want you to read the fine print?

Yet this is exactly what is happening in Washington even now. The leading Democrats are running around to other Democrats, trying to pressure them into voting yes on the Senate Bill. Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak, of Michigan, has even stated that he is receiving threats from the party because he won’t vote yes on the bill. Other Democrats are siding with Stupak against the bill because of some questionable items in the bill that open the door to abortions being paid for with federal tax dollars.

It still remains unclear how we will pay for this bill. Estimates of how much the proposed bill will add to the deficit run into the BILLIONS. Non-partisan studies reveal that we simply cannot afford the bill as written. When questioned about this, Democrat supporters of the bill attempt to shrug the question off, claiming that the funding can be resolved through reconciliation. They believe the best thing to do is to pass the bill, and worry about funding it later! Have we learned nothing in the last few years about what happens with this type of “blank-check” mentality?

The media has made this a battle of wills, and has even stated that if the bill doesn’t pass, Democrats are going to lose political capital. At the same time, the press warns that if the Democrats vote yes, and pass this bill against the will of the people, the Dems will be destroyed at the polls during the mid-term elections is November of this year.

It’s a no-win situation for the Democrats. A true damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t scenario. It shouldn’t have come to this, but it has. I only hope that remaining holdouts against this bill in the Democratic party will do the right thing and hold true to their committment to vote against this atrocity of a bill. The time could come for healthcare reform, but this is not the kind of reform that the people want.

Why hustle through an imperfect product? It is widely held that successful healthcare reform could be the hallmark of Obama’s presidency.  Why not do it right? Remove the shadows surrounding the current bill, and remove the taint of corruption from this issue. After all, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

I urge you to call your Congressional Representatives today and stress to them the importance of  doing the right thing. Scrap this bill, and let’s get started working on meaningful legislation that can do some good for everyone. Remember what you learned in the 80’s, and “Just say NO!”

Oh, and maybe we could even focus on some other issues; like reducing the deficit and/or getting Americans back to work. Just a thought.


7 Responses to “Take This Healthcare Bill & Shove It”

  1. I liked your car analogy. Allow me to continue it. How many people would want to purchase a car, pay for it for ten years, but only get to drive it the last few years?

  2. Ben, that’s as ridiculous as me saying I bet you read The Huffington Post, and you can’t formulate your own opinions.

    I happen to use that vernacular because it’s how I talk. If you like the bill, as written, then great, go write your own blog about it. That is, of course, assuming that you have the creativity to express your thoughts farther than just saying, “oooohhhh, that’s a talking point!” I don’t think that’s going to make for a very interesting blog.

    Republicans have submitted amendments, as you said, which is proof that they are trying to work together on this. There are, however, many disagreements in the bill that have not been addressed. What’s wrong with taking it back to the drawing board and passing some comprehensive legislation that is not only feasible, but sustainable?

  3. “Ha! You’re just repeating right-wing talking points”

    Why is it when something is said, that I happen to agree with, people dismiss it as “right-wing talking points”?

    Republicans HAVE tried to work with the Dems.

    Also, if you read the whole blog, you’ll see where I cite that even some Dems are against this bill. Don’t dump the fact that this mess isn’t going anywhere on the Republican’s doorstep. The Dems have the majority, and filibuster has been removed from the equation. Your own party knows this stinks.

    • Ben Hoffman Says:

      [Republicans HAVE tried to work with the Dems.]

      Not hardly. The Republican’s idea of working with Democrats is only using Republican ideas. There are 160 amendments to the bill that are Republican ideas, yet not one Republican will vote for it.

      You are just repeating right-wing talking points. I’d bet you listen to Fox news because they have been repeatedly using the phrase “rammed down the throats of the American people.” The fact is, most of us want some kind of reform. There are more Americans than just those who watch Fox news.

      • Ben, are you opposed to the 160 amendments proposed by the GOP?

        And the GOP has submitted bills on health care reform before Obama took office. It was bi-partisan legislation and it went nowhere too. Or didn’t you know that from YOUR talking points?

  4. Ben Hoffman Says:

    [It is beginning to look more and more like a federal healthcare bill is going to be rammed down the throats of the American people.]

    Ha! You’re just repeating right-wing talking points. While imperfect, most Americans agree that we need health insurance reform. If Republicans would try to work with the dems, we could get something better, but they think it’s politically beneficial to block it, and that’s all they care about.

    • Lord Bitememan Says:

      “Ha! You’re just repeating right-wing talking points.”

      Then that should make it remarkably easy to plan out his path of debate and smack down his ideas. Don’t take an intellectually weak path in a debate, if he advances a predictable argument, have a good answer to it. Right now you just look like you’re in rhetorical retreat.

      “While imperfect, most Americans agree that we need health insurance reform.”

      The believe we need reform, not necessarily the president’s plan. The RCP polling average of support or opposition for this plan shows an aggregate margin of 7.6% more people polled who oppose this bill as opposed to supporting it. Only in the AP and Gallup polls is the score even close, with USA Today, Newsweek, and Ipsos all reflecting the modal data set of 6-9% spread against. Your argument would make sense if the argument advanced by Republicans was to scrap all reform efforts altogether. The problem is the GOP has actually said they want to scrap the president’s plan and proceed on health care reform from scratch. That would indicate that the Republican position is more in line with the will of the people than the Democratic plan.

      “If Republicans would try to work with the dems, we could get something better,”

      “There are 160 amendments to the bill that are Republican ideas, ”

      Which is it? The Republicans ARE working with the Dems, or are not? You can’t play both sides of the fence on this. It looks to me like what’s happening is that Republicans were pushing for more meaningful compromises, got only token gestures through stiff Democratic opposition, and have taken to defeating the bill for lack of further concessions. That’s fully within their rights as the minority party and as legislators in elected governance. That they’ve been effective is a testament to their skills as legislators, not endemic flaws with their position, no matter how much consternation it causes the Dems.

      “but they think it’s politically beneficial to block it, and that’s all they care about.”

      Right. . . and Dems aren’t thinking of holding a huge victory rally when they pass this and a huge signing ceremony along with ads to their constituents about how they “gave them health care.” The Republicans aren’t the only side playing politics with this, nor are they the only side that will play politics with it in November.

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