Austin Plane Assault is Despicable

February 18, 2010

Let me be clear: No matter how disillusioned or unhappy you are with the Government, or how angry you are at the system, crashing a plane into a building full of civilians is deplorable. I’m disgusted.

Look at this guys’ history: A business man himself, he started two companies of which he was the CEO. He was busted for attempting to fraud on taxes. Even after his “horrible” and “tragic” life, he still had a nice house to burn to the ground and a private plane that he owned to fly into a building. Cry me a friggin river. Poor oppressed bastard.

Certain groups are already claiming that this is the government’s fault. They claim that because our economy is so bad, and times are so hard, that people are bound to snap. Some have even said to expect more acts like this. Let them be warned:

I joined the Marines after 9/11, because I won’t sit idly by while innocents are killed. I volunteered to go to Iraq numerous times to fight those who would see our nation fall. I hunted down terrorist and insurgents in Fallujah, and I’ll hunt them down here if I have to.

I’ve been to third world countries. I’ve seen what true hardship is. I’ve lived with people who couldn’t get clean water, or electricity, or a decent meal for weeks. These people lead hopeless lives because this is how their father’s fathers lived, and they think it’s normal. Still they don’t gripe and complain like people do here.

Here’s the thing:

Tim White says VOTE!We can fix the problems we have. We all have a voice. A voice is not enough, however. You have to take action. If you feel, as I do, that your interests are not being represented in government, then get active in your local political arena. I have jumped in with both feet, working to get candidates elected in West Michigan who I feel will make things better. I dare say the reason we find ourselves in the state we are in is because we became complacent, and let it happen. Register to vote, and VOTE!

Get active in your community, and HELP!

I’m working with the local city manager of Hart and several community members to revitalize our local downtown and economy. I joined the Rotary Club of Hart to get involved and help with community projects. I pray to God everyday to watch over us, and to help our nation regain its former glory. It takes a lot of my time, and it’s a lot of work, but these problems aren’t going to fix themselves. If a small town Realtor like myself can do it, you can, too. GET INVOLVED!!!

There are many things you can do to make your frustrations heard, and work to solve them. Flying a plane into a building, or going on a shooting rampage is not a noble or heroic act of rebellion. It’s murder. It’s wrong. Become part of the solution, and not the problem.


One Response to “Austin Plane Assault is Despicable”

  1. Sidney Carton Says:

    Amen and Semper Fi.

    This man was no martyr of freedom, no matter how much his sad little screed he left behind might try to portray him as such. This was the adult equivalent of a toddler’s tantrum, pointless, stupid, irrational. The only differences between this and the fits my 2-year-old throws are the degree of destruction caused and the malignancy of intent.

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