60 Minutes with Jay Riemersma

February 3, 2010

Today I had the honor of meeting Jay Riemersma, Republican candidate for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District. Jay and I spent about an hour in my office, and covered a lot of ground.

My first impression of Jay, other than noticing that he is COLOSSAL, was that he was approachable, easy-going, and friendly. As we sat and talked, I felt at ease, and Jay was an attentive listener. It struck me that such a guy would be able to communicate with other Congressmen, and get results.

After giving Jay a brief background on myself, I turned the tables, and asked Jay to tell me about himself. Most of what he related you can read in his bio, but hearing him talk about his wife, Cara, and their three kids is quite a bit different from reading a web page. As a father and husband, I could tell he enjoyed talking about his family, and that we share a lot of the same family values. I’m confident Jay can be counted on to defend those values in Congress.

We talked about Jay’s football career at U of M and in the NFL. We even swapped football injury stories. We talked about the leadership values Jay learned throughout his football career, and the discipline it takes to be a professional athlete. We talked about how Jay could use those leadership skills and work ethic to get results in Washington.

We talked about work ethic and the importance of giving back to the community. We discussed the struggles people are facing today, and our hopes for getting the country back on track. Jay and I both agreed that businesses need less government interference and that raising taxes on businesses will not stimulate growth. We also agreed that the federal government should not be able to arbitrarily pick winners and losers in industry.

Since I had Jay in my office, I took the opportunity to feel him out about his stance on Veterans’ affairs. Since I am a currently serving Marine Reservist, and an Iraq Veteran, this issue has a lot of relevance to me, personally. Jay stated emphatically that he supports our troops, and is grateful for their service. He acknowledged a breakdown in the way support is given to troops in combat theaters, and at home. Jay supports a strong national defense, and would work to correct these problems when elected to Congress.

One statement Jay made appealed to me in particular. Jay stated that in order to effectively use the power of the office, one must first divest oneself of that power. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s worth noting that Jay recognizes that the power belongs to the people, and he would be the voice of the people. It’s obvious that some of our government officials now in office have forgotten this important detail.

In summary, Jay was as real as they get. I got the impression that Jay was sincere, capable, and eager to serve. Having had the opportunity to get to know Jay, even though for just an hour, I am encouraged and convinced that Jay is the best candidate to represent Michigan in Congress.

I’ll be posting more about Jay as we get closer to election time. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit his website and learn more about Jay Riemersma.


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