Why Am I Just Now Hearing About Jay Riemersma?

February 2, 2010

To those who know me, it should come as no surprise that I have a high opinion of my own personal situational awareness. I pride myself on knowing what’s going on, who’s doing what, and who they’re doing it with.

So how the heck did a guy like Jay Riemersma slip under my radar?

Jay is a Republican candidate for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district. I learned of him via an email message I received this morning (ah yes! Grassroots FTW!). I headed over to his website, http://jayriemersma.com/ and started reading.

Jay Riemersma for Congress

Photo courtesy of http://jayriemersma.com/

My first thought was, “Holy crap, I could save this, do a little copy pasta, and this website could be about me!”

  • Pro-life.
  • Supports the 2nd Amendment.
  • Supports Sanctity of Marriage.
  • Wants to Improve education.
  • Favors Small Government.
  • Opposes the Michigan Business Tax.
  • Wants to Restore the Republican Party.
  • Christian
  • Supports a Strong National Defense (I can dig that!)

Where’s a polling booth when I need one?!?!

I’ve been working to get your support for Pete Hoekstra for Governor, and Goeff Hansen for State Senate.

Now I’m reaching out and asking you to support  Jay Riemersma for the Michigan Congress.

These are the kind of men we need in Lansing to get Michigan back on its feet.


4 Responses to “Why Am I Just Now Hearing About Jay Riemersma?”

  1. Excellent points Beth. Thanks for chiming in. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Beth Says:

    Bill Cooper has created jobs (the only candidate that can claim this)

    MOST politicians have never “created jobs.” Most are lawyers! 😛
    Having created jobs is a good thing, but it’s certainly not a requirement or even adequate preparation in itself for holding public office. Nobody in the military has ever “created jobs” either, so is everyone whose job experience was military automatically disqualified? What about a corporate drone? What jobs do they create? What about a doctor not in private practice? Or a teacher? Unqualified to represent people in government too?
    What about Reagan, or Sarah Palin? What jobs (besides state/political jobs) did they create? Is their lack of private sector business experience a valid criticism of them? I’d say not.

    Is Bill Cooper merely running to represent business owners and their interests, or everyone in the district?

    and been a Conservative his entire life.

    Two words: RONALD REAGAN. (He was a card-carrying FDR Democrat, remember? And a divorcee before it was mainstream, oh noes!)

    Ask Jay how long he has held his conservative opinions and values. His answer may surprise you.

    How about we ask you, since you presumably know?

    As for me, I’m happy to have converts on our side (if that is indeed the case, which I question anyway). It’s the FAKE conservatives with whom I take issue, not the converts. I would say Jay’s affiliation with the FRC pretty much says everything about his conservative credentials, anyway. If he’s conservative enough for them, he should be conservative enough for most people!

    • Derek Says:

      Beth –

      You do make very good points in your post. However, I believe what our country is going through right now with job losses will require something very different from the norm. I have heard Bill Cooper speak before and I can assure you that he stands for much more than just job creation. However, job creation is probably the biggest issue in the country right now. Jay says great things and I agree with him on nearly every issue. The one issue that he is un-tested and inexperienced happens to be our biggest issue in the country right now. I don’t think that Jay is a poor candidate, I just think it’s not the best time for Jay to win THIS election. I’m sorry if I came off too harsh in my original post, I just believe that so many of the problems in our country and in Michigan start from lack of jobs, so I am very passionate about my belief that we need a tried and true job creator to come out of this election. Thanks again for the post!

  3. Derek Says:

    What Jay says sounds fine on paper, but a little more research about him will show that he doesn’t quite have the thickest of resumes (to put it very nicely). I think everyone can agree that Michigan’s biggest issue right now is our lack of jobs. Jay has never had a job outside of football. He may be able to tell you about his conservative beliefs, but I believe this election is too important for Michigan to simply vote for an ex-athlete. We need somebody that knows exactly why he believes a certain way and why his beliefs will change Michigan for the better. Bill Cooper has created jobs (the only candidate that can claim this) and been a Conservative his entire life. Ask Jay how long he has held his conservative opinions and values. His answer may surprise you.

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